Retired couples, Dagang Building, 1.85 million to buy Zhuhai units

Retired couples, Dagang Building, 1.85 million to buy Zhuhai units

Hong Kong’s price index is getting higher and higher, and many retired Hong Kong people choose to move to the mainland. In Fanling, there are retired couples who have sold out less than 500 properties in Hong Kong for $6 million and then bought more than a thousand new flats in Zhuhai for $1,500, with a first phase of $50,000.

Hin Keng Village earns four times in four years

Zhongyuan Lan Haoran said that there are 6 high-rise C rooms in Mingling, Fanling, with a practical area of ​​454 square meters. The three-bedroom interval has just changed hands with a new high price of 6.36 million yuan. The property price of the estate has risen above the “6 balls" for the first time. The price is 14,008. yuan. The owner is a pair of ready-to-retire couples who hold the Fanling Mingdu unit for seven years and are now selling for a profit of 3.46 million yuan. They plan to relocate to the mainland after retirement, and change the house to a large house. Recently, they spent 1.635 million yuan (about 1.85 million Hong Kong dollars). ) Purchased a new flat of about 1,010 square meters in the Pingsha No. 9 Plaza in Zhuhai, and paid a temporary deposit of 50,000 yuan from the developer.

In recent years, property prices have been intensifying, and public housing has risen even more. Room 14 of the middle floor of Hin Fu Building, Hin Keng Estate, Sha Tin, with a saleable area of ​​376 sq ft. In August 2015, the owner bought the public housing flat at $303,000 from the Housing Department. The resale of 2.85 million yuan earned 2.35 million yuan, an increase of more than four times.

Dajiazui Kaifan Xuan two rooms and then broke 10 million. The news refers to a middle-floor B room sea view household, with a practical area of ​​467 square meters, with a price of 10.5 million yuan, and the most expensive record of the two houses in the estate.

The United States, Associated with Huang Jinlu, said that the C-room of the middle floor of Block 5, Shatin Hinting Xuan, has a saleable area of ​​428 square feet. The transaction price was 8.1 million yuan and the price was 18,925 yuan. The price of the property and the price of the property were double broken. In the same city, the first city of Shatian recorded two million transactions, including 13 middle-floor C rooms, 853 square meters of practical area, and the transaction price was 12 million yuan. The other four low-rise C rooms have the same area and the transaction price was RMB 11.3 million.

Room 21, Low Floor, King Lai House, King Lam Estate, Tseung Kwan O, with a saleable area of ​​349 sq ft, rented out at $14,000 per month for $40.1, and the rent of similar units in the estate is expected to be a new high.