Emperor’s acquisition of Tsuen Wan’s old building involves more than 110 million will rebuild commercial and residential buildings

Emperor’s acquisition of Tsuen Wan’s old building involves more than 110 million will rebuild commercial and residential buildings

The supply of urban land is limited. The consortium actively acquired the old buildings and increased the land bank by way of mergers and acquisitions. The Kwong Wing Building and Mao Fa House in Nam On Street, Tsuen Wan were acquired by the whole building for a total of over 110 million. The source said that the new buyers For the Emperor, a commercial and residential project will be built to provide 150 people, and at the same time, it will be merged with the old buildings adjacent to the property that has received more than 90% of the ownership.

According to the Land Registry, the Kwong Wing Building at No. 75 Nam On Street and the Mau Fat House at No. 77 recently recorded a total of 12 transactions, including residential and ground floor properties, of which the residential transaction price ranged from $5.474 million to $11.39 million. The price is about 12820 to 14100 yuan; the two shops are sold at 10 million and 17 million respectively, and the total purchase price of the two old buildings is more than 110 million.

Purchase price of 5.47 million to 11.03 million

Among them, the 5th floor unit of Herong Building, with a building area of ​​427 square meters, was sold at 6 million yuan, and the price was up to 14052 yuan. The original owner bought it in the name of the company as early as 2008. At that time, the transaction price was only 1.08 million. Lida 4.92 million.

As far as the information is concerned, the new buyer is Earn Benefit Limited and the registered director is Jiang Yingzhi.

According to sources, the acquisition of the consortium is the Emperor. It is expected to build a 25-storey commercial and residential project, providing about 150 residential units and shops. If the maximum plot ratio of commercial and residential projects is about 9.4 times, it is expected to be built. The total floor area is over 50,000 square feet.

The total floor area is more than 50,000

The above-mentioned site is adjacent to the Housing Society Project Le Ching Xuan. It is only a few minutes walk from Tsuen Wan MTR Station. It is opposite the Aldrich Bay Playground. It has a complete range of living facilities and has a certain redevelopment value. The district has also attracted many small and medium-sized developments in recent years. Merchants and investors insert flags.

In fact, as early as the middle of last year, the consortium had invested 216 million yuan to purchase the adjacent No. 67-71 Zhongqi Building and received more than 90% of the ownership. At the same time, it bought the entire building of Defu Building, No. 73 Nan’an Street, and it was alleged that it was new. Buyers have the highest voice in the Emperor Group.

In addition, in recent years, there have been frequent consortiums to acquire the remaining old buildings on Hong Kong Island, including residential and retail shops in the Aberdeen Old Street area. The No. 78 floor shop was sold at the end of last month for $60.1 million.

In addition, the property of Prince Edward Road West was also acquired. According to the Land Registry, the old building was sold at 263 million at the end of last month. The registered buyer was Jin Yao Co., Ltd., and the original owner purchased it at 6 million as early as 1988. Rebate the book with a profit of up to 200 million.