Tuen Mun special monthly rent is forced to 50,000

Tuen Mun special monthly rent is forced to 50,000

In the summer holiday rental season, Tuen Mun Tuen Mun recorded three rental transactions on a single day, including a top-level rooftop property, with a monthly rent of 50,000 yuan, nearly three in the district. The largest monthly rental transaction.

Zhongyuan Ye Guiyuan said that there are 3 special rooms in the top floor of Tuen Mun, with a practical area of ​​1,129 square meters, four rooms separated, and even a terrace 789 square with a massage bathroom. There is also a rooftop 59 square, which is a rare market in the market. The owner reprimanded 1,603 in 2014. Ten thousand yuan even bought one car for self-occupation. Recently, the property was released for rent at the same time, and it indicated that it would be sold for more than 30 million yuan. It was successfully rented out recently, with a monthly rent of 46,800 yuan and a rent of 41.5 yuan. The tenants are owners of the same district. The existing properties are too small to be suitable for living. Therefore, more than one thousand special households in Tuen Mun are rented for family living. The owner is now renting out the unit and the rental return rate is 3.5%.

New Tuen Mun Centre sale at a reduced price

Xiang Yi Huang Qingde said that the high-rise room B of the 7th block of the new Tuen Mun Centre in the same district has a saleable area of ​​455 square meters. It has just been reduced by 1,000 yuan for renting 10,000 yuan and renting 22 yuan. Room D, the middle floor of Block 1 of Jinhui Garden in the same district, was rented out for 12,700 yuan. The saleable area is 537 square meters, and the rent is 23.6 yuan.

The United States, Huang Jintao said that the first city of Sha Tin recorded about 55 rental transactions this month, and mainland students accounted for about half.

He said that 23 of the top-floor C-rooms are connected to the rooftop unit, which is a two-bedroom household with a practical area of ​​327 square meters. It was leased by three mainland joint ventures for a monthly rent of 16,000 yuan. The rent of the two houses in the estate is higher than the market price. About 8%, the tenant paid a total of 192,000 yuan in one year. The owner bought the unit for 1.65 million yuan in April 2009, and the rental return rate exceeded 11%, which is quite impressive.