More than 4.5 million mortgage mortgage temporarily relaxed

The Government last week withdrew from the Stamp Duty (Amendment) Bill, which was scrutinized in the Legislative Council last week, giving priority to scrutinizing the motion on “one land and two seizures". The Financial Secretary, Mr Chan Ma Po, responded by returning from Vietnam to Hong Kong. For more than 4.5 million yuan floor, is it possible to do full of 90% of the mortgage. Chen Maobo responded that it was not considered at present. Due to the fact that property prices are now at a very high level, the supply of future housing will be completed.

Mr Chan said that one of the reasons for the hardships of the people in the community was that the number of mortgages was not high enough to make the public more difficult to get on the train. Chen also pointed out that if the market situation has changed, there are more appropriate conditions will be considered.

On the first board, Mr Chan said that the “first set" was different from the general private housing. In the future, when the new “first set" was designed, the mortgage number could be adjusted. But pointed out that the current property market at a high level, coupled with the future supply, interest rates will only increase, little chance to further down, so that in these cases, the ability to help more limited to the public into the market is dangerous.

Mr Chan asked whether the Government would further extend the length of the conversion fee to nine months or even 12 months if the Stamp Duty (Amendment) Bill (ie, hot strokes) would be introduced in the Legislative Council. Mr Chan said that he did not want the “hot strokes" to exacerbate the burden of self-esteem on the “floor-for-building" and that it would be able to comply with public opinion. But it did not mean that the Government would “reduce spicy"

More space, time to find a suitable for his building.

Mr Chan also pointed out that the Government should not pay no attention to the hot strokes, but to deal with the Legislative Council affairs. The Government will repeat the Stamp Duty (Amendment) Ordinance as soon as possible, but it needs to be assessed internally. Can tell you as soon as possible.