Sea II 227 seven hours to sell off the exclusive new weekend sales Jiucheng District second-hand broken top

Tseung Kwan O Sunrise Cannes Jinhai project momentum is unstoppable Sunrise Cannes 4B period Jinhai II yesterday for the first round of sales of a total of 227, about 7 hours to sell, together with the 4A Jinhai, Jinhai less than a month has sold more than 1225, folded real accumulated more than 95 Billion, almost equal to billions of dollars mark. Over the past two days the market has recorded more than 250 transactions, Jinhai II alone more than 90%, more than the previous month turnover of 1,000 breakthroughs, rose to about 1200 cases. Driven by the sale of Jinhai, Tseung Kwan O second-hand market with a record high turnover, the two homes in the cost of less than two months twice the top of the break.

Jinhai II yesterday morning at Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon Station Global Trade Plaza, the first batch of 227 sales, Jin Hai to the corner of the F group (divided into F1 and F2 group) preferred pond, F1 group at 9:30 am to register, the scene visible Prospective buyers long queue.

The whole system for sale 1225 sets of nearly 10 billion

Market sources said, F1 group a total of nearly 530 groups of passengers to the scene, significantly beyond the developer for the F group to subscribe for the 120 limit. Group F has completed the picking process at 1 o’clock, exhausted for the group to subscribe for the 120 limits, the new land immediately to other prospective buyers (Group B) of the flats procedures; to 6 pm before the first batch of 227 To sell out.

Jinhai II yesterday, the sale of 227, folded real plan is about 1.64 billion yuan, together with Jinhai has sold nearly 1,000 people, cash more than 7.9 billion; the entire Jinhai project only 3 weeks tired of about 1225, $ 9.5 billion. Jinhai II is located at No. 1 Cannes Road, providing 1132, the practical area of ​​321 to 934 square feet, is expected to December 31, 2019 into the occupation.

Tian Jin two rooms 945 million crown Tseung Kwan O

By the Jinhai Department of continuous selling results led to the same area with the second-hand market with two high-priced transactions. Li Jia Court, director of the joint venture Liang Jing said, Tian Jin 1 6 high-rise C room, for the practical area of ​​539 square feet of the two homes to 9.45 million yuan changed hands, a total cost of two homes Tseung Kwan O second market price of 17,500 yuan, Owners in June 2014 to 6.65 million yuan into the market, the book profit of about 2.8 million (about 42%). Check the information on the last two houses broke the top of the transaction for the beginning of September, belong to Tian Jin 1 6 high-rise C room to 9.23 million yuan changed hands. In other words, the latest transaction in less than two months than similar units to sell your 2.4%, you must be the same room two homes.

Zhongyuan Real Estate Tseung Kwan O Deputy District Manager Wu Jinji pointed out that Tian Jin IIIA 3A high-rise C room a room unit to 696 million change hands, the effective area of ​​362 square feet, priced at 19,200 yuan, the price and price The same type of unit high. The original owners in October 2014 to about 5.77 million yuan into the market, holding over 3 years to sell, book earn about 1.19 million yuan (about 21%).

Over the weekend only Jinhai II large-scale sale, the other new trading is not much, of which Kerry (00683) He Wentian Hao sales best, the project on sale Saturday, Sold 8 groups, there are West Kowloon Authority Board Chairman Tang Yingnian Saturday also appeared with the family of the real estate. Wheelock Property Kowloon East Kai Tak OASIS KAI TAK and Capital Strategy (00497) Tuen Mun City. (00688) is located in the Kowloon East Kai Tak Development Zone Kai Tak 1 (II) yesterday, a single day of the tender seat of the second floor of the first two units, the market news that has been received by the buyer, together with Other new disk, the new disk market two days recorded a total of about 256, compared with the previous week about 235 rose 9%.

Comprehensive market information, this month has been recorded about 1,200 transactions, which the new land Jinhai project accounted for nearly 70% of the big win this month. Centaline real estate Asia-Pacific vice president and president of residential Chen Yongjie said the developers before the end of catching sales results, while Wang and the United States did not raise interest rates before the push to push the unit should be expected, this year’s annual turnover of up to 19,000 to 2 Million level, a single-handed residential property sales regulations in April 2013 after the entry into force of the new high.