The high floor of the building is not easy to change

a “multi-purpose, representative" financial landmark “to promote Hong Kong’s financial markets. New venues can be used for ceremonies, exhibitions, conferences and investments Educational activities. As for the listing of new shares, it is understood that during the renovation period will be held in the exchange exhibition hall, individual days or will accommodate the progress of the project, moved to the same venue in different areas. As for the new design of the venues, there is a blueprint for the design of the venues. The spokesman for the HKEx said that there have been plans for bidding and design, but the requirements and progress are internal.

To build financial landmarks

In 2005, when the Hong Kong Stock Exchange reduced the size of the lobby, the tender was introduced to three new companies. The finalists were from Aedas Interiors, Similar to the original, simply minus the trading counter, make room for exhibition hall, interview area, so was “read the old" brokers support. At that time, the cost of alteration was about $ 50 million, amortized in five years. When the then Chief Executive Officer of the HKEx said, there was no significant impact on the HKEx finances.

Since the implementation of electronic transactions, the trading floor of the use of low, so early in the Millennium HK listed after the listing, from time to time have the sound requirements to close the lobby to save the rent, but because of the lobby site by the government " “If the HKEx does not renew its rent, it is difficult to find a tenant or change its purpose. Therefore, it will be closed until the opening of the lobby."