Xindai Xujiahui project expected annual rent 2.4 billion

Sun Hung Kai Properties (00016) in 2013 to spend 21.77 billion yuan to vote for the development of Shanghai real estate projects for the development of Xujiahui International Trade Center, the project is expected to total investment amount of up to 50 billion yuan, is regarded as one of the new source of future income.

After the completion of the project, Xujiahui project is the top priority of the Group, the project is located in Shanghai’s shopping malls and office space will be doubled, Xujiahui International Trade Center is expected to annual rental income of up to 2 billion yuan RMB (approximately HK $ 2.4 billion) or more.

Shanghai Xujiahui International Trade Center floor, 760 million square feet, will be completed in phases, is expected before the end of 2023 completed. Asked about the current division of the project, Guo Keihong revealed that the core management will meet each month to participate in the operation of the project, the new chairman and managing director Guo Binglian, cousin Guo Jihui (Xindi Executive Director) and his personal meeting Know the progress of the project, “everyone together."

Earlier market news Guo Binglian interested in relying on the project to support the sub-sub-Guo Keihong, the results lead to the former co-chairman Guo Bingjiang’s wife Liang Jieqin discord, also to Guo Jihong and Guo Bingjiang son Guo Jihui’s opposition relationship floating surface, but later by the Side denied.

In addition, the new site together with the digital pass (00315) and the new network (08008) held “smart property" program design competition, Guo Jihong is also one of the assessment.

Its new plate to add scientific and technological elements

Mr Kwok explained that applying technology to its projects would help build the company’s brand and add more advantages to the hardware and building plans to enable frontline staff to more effectively serve the tenants of the estate and enhance the quality of their stay. , Therefore, its new residential real estate will consider the addition of scientific and technological application elements.

Mr Kwok also announced that it would launch a single mobile app in Hong Kong’s shopping malls, which will be officially launched by the end of this year or early next year so as to collect data and meet customer needs with the consent of customers. We are doing pre-test and opinion surveys. Will not be bustling.