Chen Maobo: the current floor will never relax

The current 4.5 million yuan or less residential property can apply for up to 90% of the mortgage, the Chief Executive Lin Zhengyue earlier said that the crossed or can be raised, but the Financial Secretary Chen Maobo yesterday stressed that the current will not consider the practice The

Chen Maobo explained that property prices at a high level, the United States will inevitably raise interest rates again, the Federal Reserve has begun to reduce the balance sheet, Hong Kong will sooner or later follow the rate hike, coupled with the future housing supply and the completion of the increase in material, if in this It is not a good practice to help the public to enter the market at high levels.

He believes that when the market situation has changed, and have the right conditions, the Government will further study the measures to adjust the floor, but now will not be considered. As to whether the “Hong Kong people will be on the first plate" can have room for adjustment and can be considered at design time.

For the floor to change the tax rebate extended to 9 months or 12 months of the program, Chen said, understand that only half a year to find the right unit is more difficult, more likely to be forced to go to the primary market, the floor is not necessarily good Practice, but he reiterated that the program is not spicy.

Disappointed statement to APEC Finance Minister

Chen Maubo attended the annual meeting of APEC last year, he mentioned in the blog, the global economy since the 2008 financial tsunami long after the weak, about ten years later today finally improved. However, as representatives of finance ministers at the meeting pointed out that happy to see the global economy back to health track, and must be vigilant in recent years, the rise of trade protectionism, and anti-globalization sentiment rise. In the global integration of today, the division of labor around the economy has been very careful, compared to decades ago trade war, today’s trade protectionism on the local economic damage will be even greater.

He said that at this meeting of finance ministers, the parties will be on the statement of trade in the statement, there have been some controversy. While many member economies have made it clear that freedom of expression and open trade are the main driver of sustained economic development, he is somewhat disappointed that, in the opinion of certain members, the final meeting of the Finance Ministers has not been specifically mentioned The importance of free and open trade.