The top ten houses are trading up

HONG KONG NEW YORK (Reuters) – 34 of the top ten flats in the week were up 18 points, up 112.5% ​​from the previous week. For the past week, Hong Kong met No. 8 wind “Kanu", so that the previous week second-hand turnover recorded only 16 cases, so last week’s turnover rose more than 1 times. Consolidated four major real estate agency data, including Midland Realty, Centaline Property, Hong Kong Properties and Riccione. In the top ten estates, the first city of Sha Tin was ranked first with eight deals, and five were recorded in Taikoo Shing and Ying Bay Garden.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Midland Real Estate, said that since the announcement of the first “policy address" by the Chief Executive Officer, Mrs Carrie Lam, the property market is becoming more and more clear. The buyers are expected to pick up their markets. Details, so that the earlier attitude of the market on the car users also re-cast the market. Cloth also pointed out that even if the new disk to sell to seize the second-hand tourists, weekend blue-chip housing market transactions can be maintained and recorded growth, reflecting the overall purchasing power continued to release.

Ricardo’s chief executive officer, Liao Weijie, said last week was hit by typhoon “Kanu". The second-hand index surged more than 80% of the turnover of second-hand housing, which was a special case. The second-hand sale rose to normal level this weekend. Liao analysis means that the majority of buyers will continue to flow into the new disk market, the new disk will grab the market focus, the other hand, the market is no special good news to stimulate the transaction.

Liao Weijiang continued that although the Government was studying the draft amendments to the stamp duty, the conversion period was extended from six months to nine months. However, the discussion was temporarily put on hold and failed to read the third floor. Held on the sidelines, but also for the floor chain break, so the performance of second-hand sale is expected to remain stable and quiet.