66.20 million double tops of the top floor of Yijinghai Riwan

In the new market, there is a rare new price in the new market. The second batch of 41 bidders in the Baishijiao Hairiwan, which is under the jurisdiction of Yijing, has sold a total of 41 bidders for the top floor, with a total price of RMB 26,722. The cost and price of the project have reached a new high. SHKP (00016) The Mid-Levels of Mount Batuton Hill also produced a “double broken roof" transaction yesterday. The top floor was sold to a rooftop multi-family with a total of 94.4 million yuan.

Yijing implemented the second batch of bidders in Hairiwan, involving 41 gangs, and cashing over 470 million yuan. Among them, Room A of the 17th floor of Court A1 was even sold to the rooftops, with a total area of ​​2242 square meters. There is also a 2635 square roof, with a price of 29,527 yuan. The transaction price and the price of the price have both reached a new high in the stratification, but some units have a low price of 13,000 yuan. Since the project was tendered for sale this month, it has accumulated 62 people and cashed in nearly 1.347 billion yuan.

Pan Zhicai, director of development and planning project and sales planning of Yijing, said that the 41 gangs that have just been sold are mainly two-bedroom and three-bedroom, which are different from the large-scale sea-view units that were previously sold. The price can not be directly compared. The sales of the next project are already bright. At the beginning of next month, there are still a number of units to cut off the tender; as for the second phase of Hairiwan, the paper is being sold and is expected to be sold early next year.

Batuton Hill duplex households 94.4 million new high

The Batuton Hill recorded a double-breaking transaction for the 21st and 22nd floors with the Tiantai Duplex A room. The practical area is 1888 square meters. There is also a 129 square platform and a 562 square roof. The rooftop is equipped with a massage pool for 94.4 million yuan. Sold out, the price of 50,000 yuan; the same department of Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon Station, Tianyi yesterday sold a total of 1,060,55 million yuan to the 1st floor of the 75th floor of the 1st District, the 7th floor, the practical area of ​​1469 square meters, the price of 72570 yuan.

New World (00017), Sai Kung, Clear Water Bay, also recorded a large transaction. The top 6 room of Block C of the project was connected to the rooftop multi-family, sold for 55.272 million yuan, with a saleable area of ​​2207 square meters, with 320 square platform and 916 Fang Hao Tiantai, the price of 25044 yuan.