Hengdi repels 688 million sweeping the old buildings near Yili Street

The developer is an old building in the urban area. An old building in Yili Street near Central is being acquired by the consortium. Among them, 6 plots and 27 residential units have recorded transactions, involving nearly 700 million yuan. 00012) and related persons.

According to the Land Registry, there are 4 old buildings aged 47-51 years old from 33 to 47 Yili Street. They have recently been registered for registration, including 6 plots, with a transaction price of 44 million yuan to 105 million yuan, a total of 4.14. 100 million yuan; 27 residential units sold for 7.5 million to 15.8 million yuan, involving about 274 million yuan. The total transaction price of the floor tiles together with the upstairs residential units was about 688 million yuan. Most of the above units were purchased through Zhongan Co., Ltd. The company’s directors included Gu Jingfen and Luo Taian, who had assisted Hengdi in the acquisition of the old building.

Many of the units in the acquisition have been held for a long time. For example, the ground floor of No. 39 Yili Street is connected to the attic. The building area is 1800 square meters. The transaction price is 83.88 million yuan and the price is about 46,600 yuan. The shop was rented by the old-fashioned Xizheng Sauce Garden. The original owner entered the market with a price of RMB 880,000 in 1986. The 32-year book held a substantial profit of 83 million yuan, an appreciation of 94.3 times.

Or continue mergers and acquisitions to expand the construction site

It is reported that the total area of ​​33-47 Yili Street is about 11,000 square feet. It is zoned “Residential (Group A)". If it is redeveloped into a commercial and residential property, it can be built with a total floor area of ​​about 115,500 square feet. However, since the adjacent Elysian Streets 21 to 31 are also old buildings with a building age of nearly 50 years, there is a certain reconstruction value. It is expected that further mergers and acquisitions will be initiated and the expansion of the site will start the reconstruction plan. As for the adjoining Kwai Ching Court, 47A Yi Ning Street, the unit is owned by the Chairman of the Kowloon Construction (00034), Ke Weixiang and the relevant parties. The market is estimated to be “spinning".