Shop location, transportation, and renting

Lin Hanke, founder of CarBros., a car repair company, said that he had considered renting a shop with a lower rent and a larger area in Wong Chuk Hang and Chai Wan when the site was selected. However, he finally chose to rent a shop about half in North Point and Fu Road. .

At present, the rent at North Point Shop is about $50,000. The shop floor at Wong Chuk Hang and Chai Wan is about $40,000. It can accommodate more than 10 vehicles. It is because he understands that it is very inconvenient for motorists to switch to public transport. “North Point is more convenient than the other two locations. We would rather rent a finer shop at a more expensive rent."

Investing in the attendance car, the strongest propaganda tool

Outside the CarBros. garage door, it is not difficult to be attracted by its attendance. Lin Hanke said that in addition to dealing with field work, the attendance car is also a propaganda tool for the company. “In addition to the attractive appearance, the attendance car also has different instruments. Even if it is immersed in the waist, it will still function normally." In addition, he believes that the establishment of word-of-mouth is more effective than advertising, so CarBros. has never advertised.

At present, many new customers of the company are recommended by existing customers. “We understand that different car owners face different car problems and help them solve problems through maintenance and sharing of our knowledge and experience." He also used pets to describe cars. The person cannot express to the owner that the service provider’s intention and attitude are one of the key factors for the customer to judge whether to continue using the service.