Tuen Mun 5 housing estate price fell below 10,000 this month

Recently, a number of new discs in the Northwest New Territories have been sold at high prices. However, the sales situation has not been satisfactory and the second-hand property prices have slowed down. In Tuen Mun District, the price of five housing estates in this month was less than 10,000 yuan. For example, the price of the 3 flats in Hengfeng Park was changed to 8,065 yuan, and the recent price was lower.

According to market news, the low-rise G room of Hengfeng Park has a practical area of ​​620 square feet, which belongs to the three-bedroom interval. The original owner originally requested the price of 6 million yuan. However, it has not been accepted for 3 months, and finally reduced the price to 5 million. The yuan was sold at a price of 8,065 yuan, which is a low price in the region recently, which is nearly 10% lower than the bank’s estimate of 5.46 million yuan. However, the original owner bought the unit for 1 million yuan as early as 2003, and the profit-making account still earned 4 million yuan to leave the market.

Nanlang Bay high-rise price 8740

Secondly, the G room of the 5th high-rise building in Nanlang Bay, Tuen Mun, has a usable area of ​​524 square feet. Recently, it was changed to 4.58 million yuan, and the price was 8,740 yuan. Room C, high-rise building, Daxing Garden, with a practical area of ​​447 square feet, has just changed hands with 4.35 million yuan, and the price is 9,732 yuan. It is also a rare fall in the district housing units.

In addition, the Kingswood Villas in Tin Shui Wai temporarily recorded 33 transactions this month. Only four were worth more than $10,000. The remaining 29 were between $8,419 and $9,928. Among them, there are 12 low-rise A rooms in Lehuju, Jiahu Mountain Villa, with a practical area of ​​639 square feet, with a change of 5.38 million yuan and a price of 8,419 yuan.

One city and two rooms, the average monthly price of 4.72 million

As regards the first city in Sha Tin, 14 cases of two-bedroom transactions were temporarily recorded this month, with an average transaction price of only 4.72 million yuan. Weng Kaijie, assistant regional manager of Midland Real Estate Branch, revealed that the 52-story low-rise G room in the first city of Shatian has a usable area of ​​304 square feet. It has just changed hands with 4.5 million yuan and has a price of 14,803 yuan, which is the fourth in this month that fell below 4.5 million yuan. Transaction case.

On the other hand, Huang Liangsheng, senior co-director of the Central China Real Estate Research Department, pointed out that the CSI of the Central Plains Broker Index was 35.43 points, down 1.02 points from 36.45 points last week. In the past six weeks, the CSI continued to trade at a narrow range of 35 points, with a maximum of 37.99 points and a minimum of 33.77 points. In the same period, the decline in property prices has shown signs of expansion. The two districts in the New Territories have spread to the urban areas of Hong Kong and Kowloon. At present, the prices of the four districts have fallen, and the market has begun to be comprehensive. It is believed that CSI will continue to stabilize between 30 and 40 in the short term, and property price adjustment will continue.