Jiujian: “Xiaoyangchun" at the beginning of next year, the property price will rise by 10% in the coming year

Property price fluctuations, Yang Congyong, general manager of the Marketing and Sales Department of Jiujian (00034), said that there will be an opportunity to break out of “Xiaoyangchun" in early December and the Lunar New Year. The property market will be clear in the first quarter of next year, and the annual property price will rise by 10%. The largest Tseung Kwan O project was pushed to the end of the Ming Dynasty.

Yang Congyong: The property market volatility is a health adjustment

In the fourth quarter, the market conditions weakened. According to Yang Congyong, the general manager of the Jiujian Municipal Affairs and Sales Department said that it was mainly affected by the external environment, such as stock market fluctuations and trade wars, and the market wait-and-see atmosphere was strong. With reference to the overall upward trend of the property market in the past 15 years, although in 2008 and the second half of 2015, respectively, the Lehman incident and the US began to raise interest rates, there was a fall in the period, but soon they will go back. It is believed that the local economic foundation is good.

At present, the local unemployment rate is low, the gross domestic product (GDP) growth is ideal, and the macroeconomic development is optimistic. Secondly, the United States itself is not mature in terms of interest rate hikes. It is difficult to raise interest rates quickly and intensively. Coupled with the huge demand for housing, it is believed that the volatility is short-term. Health adjustments will not be ups and downs.

At present, the market atmosphere is not too bad. Many units can be quickly absorbed after the price reduction. He expects to have two “Xiaoyangchun" in half a year, including the purchase of more than 260,000 new homes in the frozen market. Many young singles have Conditions to purchase the “Starter Edition" private building on the train, I believe that after the completion of the beading at the end of this month, there will be some purchasing power back to the second-hand market.

Secondly, Christmas to Spring Festival is a traditional market, which can accumulate a certain purchasing power. After the Lunar New Year, most developers will have a new round of sales offensive. For example, the urban project near the existing building is expected to drive interested home buyers to go out and turn around. Living market atmosphere, it is expected that after the first quarter of next year, the market will gradually digest the uncertainties, and the property market will gradually become clearer. It is expected that the property prices will increase by 8% to 10% next year.

Tseung Kwan O project, the fastest next quarter push

Yang Congyong said that the social family structure has changed. After 80 and 90, even millennials will form a huge purchasing power in the market. The project will be based on the concept of “following young people." “When the Tseung Kwan O project in the Research Department was first put into practice, it was considered practical and comfortable before it was opened and approved. The clubhouse and the outdoor space would boldly incorporate more young elements, such as the sale of the oil pond in Hoi An Bay. Clubhouses also add VR ski machines."

The Tseung Kwan O Shek Kok Road project will be a large-scale new flat for the largest number of units in the past nine years. It will be launched in the fourth quarter of next year. It is planned to build no less than 1,500 people. Young’s refers to the small and medium-sized units that are intended to be the “entry-level version". They offer open-plan to two-bedroom units. The open-plan and one-bedroom area will be no less than 200 and 260 square feet.

In addition, more than 300 gangs of the group have nearly 3 billion yuan this year, and 63 Pokfulam of Pokfulam has accumulated nearly 240 gangs. After joining the high-margin mortgage plan, Yau Tong Hai Ao Wan has sold more than 75 gangs. There will be new deployments in the week, and the remaining units of the two units will be sold in the near-term building in the middle of next year.