Down the property market, the supply of land expansion does not slow down

The property market is down, the Director of the Development Bureau, Huang Weilun, stressed that it will not slow down the efforts to build land and develop land. The lead time required to build land is very long, and it will slow down due to property price adjustment. Land reclamation will return to the dilemma of land shortage.

Avoid returning to land shortages

Huang Weilun said that it is now beginning to see a fall in property prices. The media reports also see banks downgrading real estate valuations. However, from the Development Bureau, it will not slow down due to property prices, or the property market is less active. Land efforts. Because this will return to the previous predicament, that is, it is necessary for the public to have a place to live, to find a place to do business with friends and expensive rent.

In response to the problem of the Land Supply Task Force reclaiming the Fanling Golf Course, Wong Wai-lun said that the work of the Task Force would be “not confirmed, not denied", but the Government is open to the Fanling Golf Course. He stressed that if the government’s opinions and groups are not the same, it will be clear to the public to submit evidence.

In addition, Huang Weilun also said on the radio program yesterday that according to the “2030+" plan, Hong Kong must have 1 million units in the next 30 years. It can be filled through 1,000 hectares of artificial islands. The planning of new development areas takes time, such as the Hung Shui Bridge. The plan has not yet officially reclaimed land for 10 years. On the contrary, land reclamation will facilitate the whole planning. If it is not implemented, it will have the opportunity to build more pinning buildings and expand new development areas in urban areas and other places.

For the brownfield arrangement, the Government has handled 540 hectares of brownfields through several new development areas, including 50-hectare brownfields in Kwu Tung North and Fanling North Development Area. Wong Wai Lun said that the Government will plan the main works next year to the Legislative Council. Apply for funding, and then start the work of recycling land.