Hengdi 490 million to buy 31 old buildings in Yili near street

Henderson (00012) actively carried out mergers and acquisitions of old buildings in the urban area, and acquired about 31 million yuan in the old buildings of Yili Street near Sheung Wan. The residential purchase price was about 34,000 yuan, 80% higher than two years ago. The developer has accumulated more than 80% of the acquisition rights and can rebuild the commercial and residential floor area of ​​about 150,000 square feet.

More than 80% of the shares can be rebuilt to rebuild 150,000 floors

According to the Land Registry, the buyer is Zhongan Co., Ltd., and the registered directors Gu Jingfen and Luo Taian have repeatedly acquired the old buildings for Henderson. The Hengdi Annual Report shows that it has acquired more than 80% of the property of 33-47 Yili Street, and it is believed that it is intended to further expand the acquisition site.

The current purchase price ranged from $7.5 million to $15 million; the shop price ranged from $8.38 million to $105 million. The price was over $44,000. The developer started the acquisition as early as 2014. Among them, the most newly purchased Yili Building on the 2nd floor, the transaction price was 12 million yuan, the practical area was 351 square feet, and the price was about 34,200 yuan, compared with the acquisition in mid-2016. The lower unit of the same number is calculated at a price of 19,000 yuan, and the purchase price is about 80% higher than 2 years. It is worth noting that the Jiujian (00034) Kos family also bought three houses in the old building last year.

In addition, Kennedy Town’s Houhe Building sold 4 groups, involving about 24.89 million yuan. The buyers were Yada Investment Co., Ltd., directors Chen Peimin and Shao Jinxi. The news said that the consortium is also Hengdi. The old buildings in Quarry Bay’s Binhai Street also added an additional 8 people, involving a total of 99.913 million yuan.