Vienna parking space in Sheung Shui fell 50,000 in 4 months

The investment climate has deteriorated, and the parking spaces have been eclipsed to make transactions. The No.1 parking space on the B floor of the Vienna Garden Parking Lot in Sheung Shui. The original owner entered the market with a price of RMB 950,000 in June this year. After holding the goods for 4 months, it was sold out in October with a price of RMB 900,000 and the account eclipsed RMB 50,000.

Looking up the record, the cost of the same floor parking space, this year has seen more than 1 million yuan. In the past month, a number of parking lot eclipse cases have been recorded, including the Ma On Shan Yinghai and the Tseung Kwan O Capital. Among them, a car parking eclipse case in the Jiahu Villa in Tin Shui Wai, the industry hosted the goods for 3 months, and the account eclipse was 400,000 yuan. Take out the parking space for 1.1 million yuan.