HA has obtained a fund increase of 60% or more by 10%

In response to the explosion of public medical services, the government eventually “outgrown” the HA. The Budget announced public health recurrent expenditure, which increased by 13% to $ 71.2 billion from $ 62.8 billion this year, accounting for 17.5% of the recurrent government expenditure. Of this amount, $ 61.5 billion will be recurrent expenditure for the Hospital Authority, including an additional allocation of $ 6 billion, an increase of 11% over the current year. Government sources said that $ 2.55 billion was for public medical needs resulting from the demographic transition. $ 500 million was spent on new services in the public sector, $ 1.9 billion to cover the reduction of funds allocated to HA in the past two years and $ 1 billion Deal with the peak winter flu, including the previously announced 500 million yuan.

The new allocation will be used to increase 570 beds and add 55 000 general outpatient places. Regular medical appointments and trainings will also be provided. In the future, sources said that they will continue to allocate more funds to the Hospital Authority. This will be an additional 2.9 billion in 2019 and an additional 3.0 billion in 2020-21, an additional increase of 10.85 billion yuan over the current year.

Rebuild 3 leading hospitals

To cope with future medical needs of the “population aging tsunami”, the authorities announced early that an additional 300 billion yuan will be set aside to launch the second 10-year hospital development plan, including the reconstruction of 3 leading hospitals in Queen Elizabeth, Margaret and Tuen Mun and the expansion of Lantau Island There are a total of 3,000 to 4,000 beds to be added to the hospitals. The HA has already started preparations but it is not to be implemented until 2026. The plan also includes the re-engineering of the clinics of the Department of Health, co-ordination of training and improvement of teaching facilities.

Li Kuk-lun, a Legislative Council Member of the Health Service, pointed out that even the first 10-year hospital announced by the government of 200 billion yuan last year, the authorities said that a total of 580 billion yuan was put in public medical services. All these are for the reconstruction of hospitals. In the coming few years, the medical system will only add 80 billion yuan of resources. Even if there is no more manpower, it will be difficult to improve the health care system. The government of Ji places resources on training and hiring nurses.