No Tim spicy that is entering the city 2 room double broken roof

The new “Budget" has not introduced immediate measures for the property market and has taken the market into the market. Wuzhao Ji, Midland Realty’s principal senior sales manager, said the two-bedroom unit, middle B, Taichung, An Sheng Court, Tai Shing, Quarry Bay, with a salable area of 606 square feet, was sold for 12.5 million yuan yesterday after the Budget was released. About 20,600 yuan per foot price, both the cost and the price of a full house estates with the same area 2 room high.

Huang Jinhan, the chief co-regional manager of Midland Realty, said that 51 high-rise A-rooms in City One Shatin with a salable area of 284 square feet was last seen by buyers for $ 5.33 million at a price of about $ 18,800 per sq ft Second highest.

As some owners in Tung Chung see the curtain on the Budget, the quotation was immediately raised. Fang Jihe, APAC’s regional manager, said that there were altogether 4 cases of fare increase in the area. Bid price of 10.6 million yuan, yesterday has been raised to 11 million yuan, an increase of about 3.8%.