Prince Edward whole property sales

The entire property development potential is huge, coupled with the market a small plate, each disk appears, for example, will be favored by investors.

APF is the sole agent of Prince’s Street, 57 to 59, the whole property, site area of ​​about 1636 square feet, underground shops, an area of ​​about 1471 square feet, first floor to the fifth floor for residential, each floor area of ​​about 1943 square feet, The whole property area of ​​about 11185 square feet, the price negotiable.

The property is currently a youth apartment with a monthly rental of about HK $ 400,000. The ground floor shop is leased to boutiques at a monthly rental of about HK $ 20,000, involving a total rental of about HK $ 420,000. The property is currently being sold partially and partly with a lease. The property is only about 3 minutes walk from Prince Edward MTR station, surrounded by old buildings but with the concept of redevelopment. Many hotels or new buildings are built in the area. For example, the building will be rebuilt from 11 to 25 Nam Tai Street 36 Boundary Street has also been acquired by the Fund for about HK $ 480 million recently. The real estate developers and the fund are favored by the district. The bright future of the permit, together with the current recovery of the tourism industry, have boosted the business of the hotel, further enhancing the potential of the above-mentioned residential flats.