Real estate tide: bathroom no window no problem?

Recently, I had dinner with my friends in the cafeteria. The two women talked about the bad habits of the mate. Ms. A, who lives with her fiancé in a windowless bathroom (commonly known as black toilet), said her fiance would not be able to endure flushing and cleaning the toilet after each use of the toilet. Ms. B believes that these phenomena are extremely common in her company, it is recommended that A communicate with him frankly and ask him to correct it.

Whether there is a window in the new building unit’s bathroom often attracts people’s attention. The disciple of Bai Heming, the authority of feng shui metaphysics, has pointed out that the black-house feng shui is not good.

In recent years, the completion of the new real estate, black toilet prevalence of odor, smell the window bathroom is not obvious. Some people think that technology can solve the problem. Detached sea pointed out that the law stipulates that the amount of exhaust air from black toilets should be equivalent to five times of ventilation every five hours to ensure adequate ventilation. First of all, in order to avoid the backflow of common exhaust gas to the inside of the house, the exhaust system must be kept on for a long period of time, with higher electricity consumption and higher electricity bills. This energy and money-saving design runs counter to today’s energy saving The trend of the tide.

In addition, the maintenance problem is also a headache. Destroyed Sea pointed out that the indoor exhaust system is not the average engineer can maintain and repair, often by the original maintenance, and involving the public slot tube, to be managed by the management company. Equipment for black toilet ventilation system (eg fire damper) shall also be maintained in accordance with the requirements of the Fire Services Department. The above maintenance costs paid by the management fee, equal to small owners pay bills.

In recent years, many developers plan to adopt black toilet design when designing residential land so as to try their best to make residential units more dense and earn more. The construction of a black toilet unit poses a risk not only to the health of a home, but also to energy and small business owners’ money. It is time for the government to review the decision to exempt bathroom windows from that year and whether it will lead to long-term social problems.