Confirmed to hold the Central Center Xu Rongmao intends to collect rent and refuse to sell

privately held about 20% of the shares in the center, and for rent collection, will not be sold, will not be injected into the world.

The City Chuanzhong Zhonghuan Center introduced “Hubei Hou” Zhu Li Yuehua and Xu Rongmao as shareholders, and the State Reserve Energy “accepted”, each holding approximately 20% of the equity. Zhu Tai had previously confirmed that he had purchased some of the shares but did not disclose the actual proportion and the amount of investment. This time, Xu Rongmao first admitted that he had purchased the goods. He was asked if the shares were 20% of the market, he said. How do you do? And whether you will make similar investments in the future, he points to the situation.

World Room earns 52% more

Dividend 0.6 yuan

The World Housing Group announced that it earned 51.6% of its total profit for the whole year to 7.84 billion yuan (RMB). It sent a final dividend of HK$0.6. It paid dividends of HK$1 for the full year, up 31.6% year-on-year. Xu Shitan, Vice Chairman, said that the value of goods sold this year was about 235.5 billion yuan, and the contracted sales target was 140 billion yuan, up 40% year-on-year; if the sales rate and unit price were to rise further, the final sales would exceed the limit, “January and February sales. In total, it rose by more than 60% year-on-year. In March, there is a chance to tie it up. It may be a little over a year."

The Group’s budget this year was about 70 billion yuan in equity, compared with 60 billion yuan last year. Since this year’s acquisition of land has become more aggressive, the debt ratio has risen from 60% in previous years to 70% this year. He also pointed to the large bay area. The value of land storage in the Greater Bay Area is about 200 billion yuan, accounting for 25% of the total.