Huaxin spreads global sales of property worth 25 billion

In recent months, China Watson Energy has continued to turmoil. Following the departure of Chairman Ye Jianming from the Mainland authorities and investigations, there have been problems with the Group’s capital chain. According to foreign sources, Huaxin Energy intends to sell its global properties in full, with a market value of more than US$3.2 billion (approximately HK$24.96 billion). When Chinatrust Energy has mortgaged properties, it accounts for nearly two-thirds of the total value.

Including Europe and the United States China-Hong Kong commercial and residential projects

The report mentioned that there are nearly 100 properties for sale, including office buildings, apartments and residential buildings. Most of these properties are located in major cities in China, such as Shanghai’s Tomorrow Square, Watson’s Compound, and the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center in Wan Chai. Etc.; also covers some real estate in Europe and the United States, such as the Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York; some are located in the Czech Republic and Georgia.

Ye Jianming and related parties have purchased various properties in Hong Kong since 2005, including a bungalow in Bay Sands and four tiered units, and 2 units in Prosper Bay, Sai Wan Ho. The market value of Hong Kong property is about 30. HK$100 million, but the asking price is about 75% to 15%, and there will be a batch of sales. Buyers need to contact the middleman in the north and can be resold after the successful acquisition.