Shi Yongqing Says Vacant Tax Does Not Solve Problems

The Hong Kong Government earlier disclosed that research has introduced a vacant tax, but the real estate sector generally does not support it. Zhong Yongqing, chairman and president of Centaline Group, bluntly stated that he had proposed a vacant tax in the 1990s to release the unit. However, at present, the vacancy situation in Hong Kong is not high (only 3.7%), and most of the developers are also “finishing sales”. Vacancy is not a solution to the problem of getting on the train. It is better to use the spirit in a truly useful place.

Regarding the number of first-hand units that the government announced last year and unsold and not sold, there are about 9,500 gangs. Wah Wai-ming, general manager of sales and marketing planning (Hong Kong Real Estate), Ka Wah (173) pointed out that the company has a small number of car-mounted plates, mostly larger ones. Luxury homes, I believe that pushing vacant taxes will not help the public get on board. Furthermore, as far as developers are concerned, the cost of real estate for sale on the existing floor is large. The market has not been able to absorb property and is not a property.