Shi Yongqing: A good time for non-investment

The Sino-U.S. trade war has been triggered at any time. Hong Kong stocks have been repeatedly adjusted, and although experts in the property market have made hard decisions, they all issued warnings. Zhong Yongqing, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Centaline Group, was asked whether the current investment in the market was responsive: “The investment may not be a good time at this time!” and “Great Friend of the Property Market” Cheung Yick Estate’s President Wang Dunjing’s article “Property Prices Can Fall at Any Time” We hope that citizens will not be blindly prepared to enter the market.

Shi Yongqing thought that the property market slowed down in the second half of the year yesterday. “A stock market sentiment has deteriorated, and it has affected the property market slowly. But now it is not tied, the stock market will be inserted in the end and the system will be overwritten. Opportunities will increase, requiring relative caution.” He reiterated that this year’s property prices have increased by 8% to 10%, but the first quarter has risen by more than 3%. It is believed that the increase in the second quarter will be slower than the first quarter.

When asked whether it is touched by entering the market now? Shi Yongqing responded, “If you have already said that the harvest time is good, and the seeding period is still in the planting period. There are risks in the harvesting and planting. There is a new capital inflow and you need to reconfigure the assets. When you make a payment, investment may not be a good time!"

Wang Dunjing: Be mentally prepared

Wang Dunjing wrote an article yesterday: “The property price can fall as much as 10% at any time." He stressed that there is no change to the market. This year, property prices have risen more than last year, but the market must be psychologically prepared. “Too many people are too optimistic about the property market, and even some people think that they should win the market and ignore the consolidation process of market development. When the market adjusts, some people will panic and those who are not prepared enough to enter the market will be forced to make decisions. The result is wrong!"

He reiterated that “buying a building is a smooth and profitable game. We must adhere to the purchase of the property and consolidate the property price before we want to remind people who blindly enter the market to be psychologically prepared and feel that they have the responsibility to remind people who are not prepared."