West Central Concentration Camp: House Policy, Dissatisfaction with Beijing Officials

At a speech made by the Chief Executive Lam Yiu-chung at a poverty-alleviation summit a few days ago, he proposed to address the issue of poverty and suggested that it is more important to solve the housing problem and spearhead the opposition to environmental groups that make up the land. Lin Cheng’s practice has attracted roundabout bombardment, but it also reflects Lin Zheng’s eagerness to loosen the land and find a solution to the housing problem.

Several politicians said that they have heard that some officials have commented on Lin Zheng’s failure to deliver “homework” on the housing issue. Earlier, the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Mr. He Zhuguo, publicly quoted the officials concerned about the excessively high property prices and the problem of young home buyers. People guess.

Some people in the political arena said that after He Zhuguo publicly quoted the Beijing officials’ concern about young people’s home ownership, he heard from some pro-Beijingers that some officials had opinions about Lin Zheng’s failure to propose specific solutions to land and housing after taking office. Officials inquire into the channels, and after the explanations on the on-vehicle policy address, they clarified their enthusiasm. The solution to the problem of solving land and housing problems by Zheng Lin and Lin Xie was announced."

The official also believed that the study of land supply by the land supply team was a drag on words. “Anyway, it was felt that the Lin Zheng government did not specifically mention the land and housing issues. It only had to be a word."

He Zhuguo said that pressure

In another political circle, he noted that He Zhuguo was quoted in a TV program as quoting a high-level central government official’s opinions on the Hong Kong government, saying that he must not “get new officers from ignoring old accounts,” and he must support the active players. Serious accountability. “At that time, He Zhuguo had read a piece of paper and read it one by one. It was hard to avoid guessing that someone was going to write it low and then return to Hong Kong."

Although he said that the official remarks or asked Chen Maobo why he did not try his best to crack down on property prices, he also said to Lin Cheng why he did not fully support and instructed Chen Maobo to “pay homework” and “especially the phrase “new officials ignore old accounts”. Everyone knows that Chen Maobo is the former official of the former DPRK government, and is even more responsible for cracking down on the development of the property prices. Lin Zheng is the new chief executive. Therefore, he believes that if the senior official is directed against Chen, “the words will speak to Lin Zheng. More appropriate".