Kai Tak No. 1 40-month rental service

The occupation of new leased leasing transactions has been booming. Kai Tak 1 has temporarily recorded about 40 rental transactions since the start of this month. The low rate of rent is $26.6. The return rate is only 1.7%. After deducting the management fee, it is even lower to 1.4. PCT, at least 71 years before returning to this; Tseung Kwan O SAVANNAH see a record high of 52 yuan.

According to data provided by frontline real estate agents, there are about 40 rental services for the Kai Tak 1 this month. Among them, 15 units have a rent of less than 30 yuan, for example, 5 low-rise E-rooms, 563 square feet of built-up area, and 2 rooms. The interval was just rented at a monthly rent of 15,000 yuan, while the rent was only 26.6 yuan, which is a new case of housing estates. Based on the purchase price of 10,905,000 yuan, the return rate was only 1.7%; if the management fee was deducted, the rent was only 22.6 yuan, and the rate of return fell back to 1.4%. The owner would have to return at least 71 years, which could be considered as nearly 2 years. The newest project with the lowest rate of return.

Market 197 rent competition

The industry pointed out that the project’s return is not satisfactory, mainly because the surrounding facilities are still not perfect, plus the supply of disk sources and the competition among owners is fierce. During the transaction this month, there were about 11 cases where the rate of return was less than 2%. With the current bank H plus 1.26%, there was even a negative return.

As a key government development area, Kai Tak has attracted much attention from users and investors. Kai Tak No. 1 and Phase I took the lead in November last year. There are about 197 rents in the market. The competition between rents is fierce. . The highest rent for this month’s case was only $40, which is still lower than the rent for the second-hand housing estate in Amoy Gardens.

Huang Jiaren, a marketing manager of Midland Property, said that the project recorded about 40 lease transactions this month, with an average lease rate of about RMB 31.

The two high-rise D rooms were leased out at a monthly rent of RMB 14,500. The unit has a saleable area of ​​367 square feet, which is a one-bedroom interval, and the actual rent is 39.5 yuan. The owners purchased it with 6.15 million yuan, and the return rate was 2.8%.

On the other hand, Xie Jianye, a joint regional director of the Midland Properties, said that last month, SAVANNAH, who had been employed in Tseung Kwan O, recorded about 18 transactions this month. Among them, the middle-floor E room in Block 2A had a monthly rent of RMB 16,000 and a total area of ​​310 square feet. The lease rate was 52. Yuan, creating a project to rent a new high. The owner purchased the unit for approximately $3.779 million and the rate of return was 4.9 per cent.