Welcomed the construction of the infrastructure

The sale of large-handed property is booming, and Hu Xiaozhi, deputy managing director of Colliers International, believes that the funds are still high and the large amount of transactions is expected to continue. Investment properties are the most optimistic about commercial buildings. In addition, due to the completion of a number of infrastructure projects, Tuen Mun Industrial Building and Jordan Retail are worthy of attention.

In the first quarter of this year, big deals were booming. According to data from Colliers International, there were 64 transactions of over 100 million yuan in the first quarter, 45% more than 44 cases in the same period last year. As regards the amount of funds, the turnover of more than one million yuan totaled 38.84 billion yuan, which was a substantial increase of 87% over the previous year of 20.8 billion. In the first quarter, large sales, including the fund’s $1.7 billion, were sold out at the Bonham Circus Commercial Building in Sheung Wan, Sheung Wan. The price was about $19,000. In the second quarter, large-handed transactions did not slow down. Last week, investors Lin Zifeng sold office buildings on the 3rd floor of Hung Hom Mingxuan with 1.16 billion yuan, and held goods for more than a year and made profits of 270 million yuan.

Investors early budget raise interest rates is not a big problem

Hu Xiaozhi pointed out that the investment market took on a strong position last year and continued to perform well this year, mainly because of the large amount of funds in the market. He pointed out that several fund-consortium consortiums last year spent more than $20 billion on 17 shopping malls. “The unsuccessful buyers, including many funds and local investors, have already reflected funds for the construction of investment properties in Hong Kong. Quite a lot of research has been done by the fund and it is believed that the retail market can be considered as a shopping mall in special people’s livelihood areas." He believes that the pattern of low interest rates in the market is temporarily unchanged. “The stock market is relatively volatile and does not rule out funds flowing into the property market. For the time being, negative interest rates still remain. The situation has not changed much. Many investors have already budgeted to raise interest rates. Therefore, even if the interest rate hike is still a problem, it will not be too big."

In many properties, he is most optimistic about the office building. In fact, the first quarter of this year, the most outstanding trading in the A-Mao Building was. Among the 64 million-dollar transactions, there were 28 strata-stored buildings, accounting for 43%, and the cost was also satisfactory, including the recent Queen of the Central. The entire road on the 9th Avenue was sold at RMB 60,000/sq. He believes that there are still upswings in the prices of commercial buildings. “The rents are stable and the vacancy rate is low. At present, the demand is still very large. There is no doubt that there has been a lot of increase in the prices of the buildings because it has fallen behind for a while, but at the same time, There was no increase in supply, and there was too little willingness to sell the owners. Therefore, the core area of ​​Xiamen had a good value and the price rose 10% in the whole year. As for the East Kowloon Commercial Building, the increase rate will be slower, and new supplies will be available in the area one after another. Significantly improved."

As regards industrial buildings, he expects that the measures to activate the industrial buildings will soon restart, making the entire building very prosperous. “The consortium can buy and renovate the value of the whole building, and the most important thing is that the price of the industrial buildings is cheap, only about 3,000 to 5,000. At present, the occupancy rate of commercial buildings is high and there are a number of conversions into buildings."

Regionally, he believes that Tuen Mun Industrial Building is worth noting. “The Tuen Mun Industrial Building has been lagging behind. With the completion of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, there is a certain potential for industrial buildings in the area. In addition, the traffic in Cheung Sha Wan is convenient and the business and industrial properties are worth watching. As regards Wong Chuk Hang, which has been favored by several consortia in the past year, he believes that the cumulative increase in the price of hafnium has been more, and the rent has not yet caught up, and the investment value is less than that in other regions.

Shop rental gradually sees the recovery track

In the past few years, the rents for shops that have been adjusted the most are Hu Xiaozhi’s view that shop rents have gradually bottomed out. “The rent adjustment period has gradually escalated and is now on a recovery track. It may not be able to recover sharply. At present, retailers are preferring to open a few more stores. Resources will be concentrated in one big shop.” Another major infrastructure project this year is to become a high-speed railway. He is expected to promote retail properties in Yau Tsim Mong District. “After the opening of the high-speed railway, the retail and business atmosphere in Jordan will surely increase, with the exception of the flow of people. Outside the retail sector, the organisation may be interested in opening an office in Jordan. In the past, the area was relatively old and the new project would bring about new scenes."