High cost of investment in Hong Kong

Property prices continue to record high, the owners of wealth increased, many Hong Kong people also plan to buy a house investment, but the Government repeatedly introduced hot spicy tax, and then buy the cost of investment has become high, many investors will turn their attention to overseas market.

The survey, which includes Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and the UK’s five major markets, is expected to double the number of people willing to invest in overseas property markets this year, according to a survey conducted by YouGov, Of the more than 6,000 adult respondents, among which Hong Kong investors surveyed expressed strong interest in a range of assets and 78% of respondents planned to invest at least one asset class next year.

Hong Kong people have a strong sense of investment

Although the vast majority of Hong Kong respondents were interested in stocks and bonds, 13% of the respondents said they were interested in investing in overseas real estate, twice the number of 2016 surveys. Twenty percent of respondents said they had or were considering investing in British properties, compared with 15% in 2016. Jonathan Gordon, head of IP Global, said investors in Hong Kong are more active in investing and investing in financial and financial investment than other local investors. And the recent intention to invest in overseas markets has also increased significantly, the depreciation of the UK after the euro and the pound exchange rate, so that investment in British properties more attractive.

“Toy King" 2 billion to buy Sydney commercial buildings

Many investors who have been active in Hong Kong have also moved their attention to overseas markets. For example, Cai Zhiming, who is a toy giant, has spent nearly $ 2 billion to buy a full-fledged commercial building in Sydney, Australia. At that time, he said that the reason for entering the market is due to the high price and low return rate, the project is located in the core business district of Sydney, the price of about $ 10,000 per square meter, and the rate of return of more than 4%, far more than Hong Kong core area property about 2% The return of the ideal. At present, it is believed that Hong Kong people will still be active in overseas investment activities.