No fear of Netflix and YouTube attack fb wins in the crowd

Facebook (fb) reported that there is a new work, plans to enter Hollywood from Hollywood, although not making movies, ambition is really not small, it seems at the same time into the drama and video market, left and right to challenge Netflix and YouTube The

Network media competition white hot, original or exclusive program into the “Holy Grail" everyone chase, fb is no exception. “Wall Street Journal" quoted sources reported that fb is working with a number of Hollywood producers and talent intermediary companies to discuss the production of television quality of the original drama and other programs, the fastest late summer launch.

Fb said during the negotiations, willing to spend $ 3 million (about 23.4 million Hong Kong dollars) for each episode, the price and the US television station to shoot large-scale TV set quite; the company is also interested in making each set less than 1 million US dollars of medium-sized production The

Both shooting series also engage in 10 minutes short film

It is reported that fb rally focus on 13 to 34 years old, especially 17 to 30-year-old young audience, each episode of not more than half an hour, the content will avoid politics, news, naked exposed, rough words; To the thousands of generations of investment for the ethical drama “Strangers" and the game program “Last State Standing" and so on, and ready to take the MTV canceled family comedy “Loosely Exactly Nicole".

At the same time, fb also plans to produce short films, mainly in the form of burst belly, about 10 minutes long, and put its monthly video advertising platform Spotlight promotion. Fb plans to ensure that the short film producers will receive at least $ 5,000 to $ 20,000 in advertising revenue per lot and are working with companies such as BuzzFeed, ATTN and Refinery 29.

Fb now reached the original program market, the time has not talked about early Netflix, Amazon and other streaming video service providers have long been rooted, Apple, Twitter and instant messaging program Snapchat also catch this bus, so that competition is more intense, to imitate Netflix “card house" break in one fell swoop it is difficult.

What will the 1.9 billion users end up?

Plus no different from the stream business, fb at least no own own studio, need to cooperate with other companies, and “sovereignty in me" is a habit of Hollywood players, fb want to get the film ownership, advertising It is not easy to maximize the benefits.

However, fb of course, there are trumps, that is surprising to reach more than 1.9 billion active users per month, and this one-quarter of the world’s likes and dislikes habits. Holland live film operators are expected to know, fb master of the large data on the promotion of film set, reminders will be what kind of help.

But also because fb is so many people, so that the capital at the same time in the burst belly and live video market to do some big. Company video business in the future may be fb Live integration, the formation of the enemy YouTube video and network Reds live platform. In the final analysis, YouTube users only 1.3 billion, and can not see the account, in the collection of data behind the more.

The number of large users sitting fb menacing, the local big station recently opened a new stove, the introduction of artists and Internet users interactive platform Big Big Channel, the target is the same market, and ultimately what will happen?