Tung Chung flood bridge to build the leading market

The Government intends to build a large public market in two new development areas of the Tung Chung Extension and Hung Shui Kiu. The news will reveal the new market as a “leading market” and have the opportunity to explore the outsourcing of markets Business feasibility of the enterprise.

Or to explore outsourcing to social enterprises

This year’s policy address mentions that the Government has initially built a new public market in the Tung Chung New Town Extension Area and the Hongqiao New Development Area. The Government has indicated that the market will be positioned as a leading market with a size of over 300 Stalls of Tai Po Market, preferably located in the transport hub, adjacent to the MTR station, and parking spaces near the public parking to facilitate the service area of ​​the public, “the residents of the area to take a ride can To the market. ”

Public markets have been accused of high vacancy rates or mismanagement, and it is learned that the authorities are interested in exploring the possibility of outsourcing new markets.

The new markets set up by the FEHD will not exist in a separate form. As the land is precious, the first to second floors will be the market and there will be other facilities upstairs. Whether there will be a cooked food center or a new live poultry stalls, there is no conclusion.

In addition, an elderly woman sold paper to a FDH at $ 1 and was persecuted by the FEHD and the unlicensed sale. The incident triggered a strong opinion from the FEHD on the unlicensed sale of the elderly and the elderly , Also questioned the Hawker Control Team’s violation of the “first warning, after law enforcement” guidelines.

Government sources have pointed out that the existing guidelines have asked the frontline to be hungry for the elderly or disabled hawkers, but the department will continue to review the methods and guidelines for improving the mechanism and guidelines with the frontline staff, including the study of the definition of repeated advice and avoid confusion.