68 buildings in the Western District are disturbed by noise all day

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In the Hong Kong University to study the fourth year of urban studies Huang Qiao Hao, because the West to see the main road, bridge interspersed between the old building, poor planning, think of noise pollution is serious, so with 2 to 3 months on the camp Shitang Tsui area to carry out research. He used the mathematical model to collect the TD traffic data for 2015 and then applied the geographic information system to calculate the traffic noise decibels for each road and superimposed the noise maps of all roads to produce a total noise map Range of maps.

According to the EPD standards, if more than 1 into the time by more than 70 dB of noise, that is affected by traffic noise. Mr Wong’s study found that 4 out of 1,500 buildings in the Western District of Hong Kong Island were affected by at least one hour of noise per day, of which 68 were more disturbed throughout the day.

Hong Kong Dacheng Research won the International Award

With this study, Huang won the International Competition for the Geographic Information System industry in 17 years of the Esri Young Scholars Competition in Hong Kong.

Mr Wong suggested that the installation of noise barriers for the main roads and the subsidized residents to install double-glazed windows. He pointed out that the traffic noise problem is unique to the West, it will continue to conduct in-depth study.