Xian Guolin 40 million Kuo Kuang Lake to earn 21 million

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Land Registry has indicated that the first Finance Committee, Mr Sin Kwok-lam and the person concerned, has just sold $ 40 million to sell the Hong Kong property in Sai Kung.

1942 sq ft per sq ft sold

The unit is RMB 1,942 sq.ft, the transaction price is $ 40 million and the usable area is $ 20,597. According to the data, Sin Kwong Lam has purchased the property for $ 8 million in 2009 and has been in possession for about eight years. The property of the resale property has been reduced by more than $ 21 million.

In addition, the No. 1 house of the Bintao Garden in Clear Water Bay is sold for $ 38.3 million. The bungalow is 1,614 square feet and the price is $ 23,730 per square foot. The registered buyer is the owner of the tour. Chinese and English names are the same, expected to be the same person, and the first name into the market, no need to pay hot tribute tax. The original owner in 1988 to 2.8 million purchase of property, transfer book profit of 35.5 million yuan, nearly 13 times the appreciation.

Dongying Tour of the country all 38.3 million purchase Bitao

Zhongyuan real estate senior division manager Liang Zhichang said, Midwest Yifeng middle A room, practical 1,730 square feet, 5 bedroom units, sitting to the northeast, recently to 52 million yuan change hands, the effective area of ​​30,058 yuan per square foot. Actors said the property in 2009 to 44.16 million to buy, holding 8 years, the book profit of 7.39 million yuan, up 17%.

In addition, Sai Kung Huiyuan Shuang Hau House, just to 22 million yuan to sell, an area of ​​1,588 square feet, practical price of 13,854 yuan per square foot.