Wan Chai One Kay open 686 million admission

“Four too” Liang Anqi in Hong Kong’s first residential project Wan Chai Yi Jia, posted the introduction of the market price, the first batch of 52 shares of affordable real estate price of 21,600 to 30,500 yuan, 316 square feet of open-style real estate entry price of 6.86 million yuan, On sale.

The project provides 100 main units

Yi Jia by Liang Anqi’s Shangjia International Holdings development, the total number of units 100, almost all are small units, now has the floor. Project yesterday from the four units are open to the public to visit, and simultaneous receipt, the city recorded about 7 registered.

The first batch of 52 standard households, covering as low as the middle, open and 1 house half, the unit area of ​​316 and 420 square feet. The first price of the price of 7.371 million to 13.772 million yuan, the price of one-foot price of 23,269 to 32,790 yuan. To a maximum discount of 7%, discounted price of 6.865 million to 1,280.8 million, discounted price of 21,640 to 30,495 yuan.

Developers can provide a simple payment method and offer, buyers can choose 60 days (5% discount) or 180 days (no discount), together with Shangjia members discount 2%, the highest discount for the price of 7%. At present, there is a wide range of tax rebates, high mortgage loans and so on.

27 floor real discount real price 30495 the most expensive

Shang Ji International Holdings Chief Executive Officer Wu Shiyuan said that the first batch of 52 providers have been the reference price of neighboring properties, is expected to early next month for the first round of sale, also known as fewer units, so do not provide high mortgage or other financial arrangements, project management fee per foot 4.8 yuan.

Admission units for the lowest standard households, 7th floor C room area of ​​316 square feet, the price of 7,771,000 yuan price, discount 68.55 million yuan, discounted price of 21,693 yuan. The most expensive unit 27 floor A room, an area of ​​420 square feet, the price of 1,377.2 million yuan, discount 12.88 million yuan, folding real estate price of 30,495 yuan.

To the first batch of one-foot fold real price of about 21,600 to 30,500 yuan, and the completion of the adjacent 2 to 4 years of the United States, compared with the one ring, the average transaction price of 20,700 yuan to 26,700 yuan, Offer price is posted price.

Compared to the United States and the United States and the United States, the price of 23,642 yuan. Yi Jia landscape similar to the 16th floor of Room B (316 square feet), folding real price of 24,962 yuan, one Ka opened slightly higher than the 5.6%.