Yunhui plans to open the price next week as soon as possible in early July

Developers are actively deploying plans for the second half of the year. Sun Hung Kai Properties (00016) is expected to be in full swing in July. The project of the Baihuijiao Yunhui Demonstration Unit in Tai Po is nearing completion. It will have the opportunity to open its visit next week and announce the offer price immediately. It will be sold as early as the beginning of next month.

The new agent Hu Zhiyuan pointed out that Yunhui Club has indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Mid-levels plus 60 groups with 7.23 million

Xinchi deputy general manager Hu Zhiyuan said that the development of the site is divided into two phases. The entire project hall has a garden area of ​​more than 140,000 square feet. Facilities include a 50-meter outdoor swimming pool and a 25-meter indoor swimming pool. It also provides indoor playgrounds and banquet halls. Share the sitting area and so on.

At the same time, the Tuen Mun Royal Mid-Levels in the department pushed the price list of 60 gangs yesterday, priced at 7,234,500 to 89.88 million yuan, and the price was 18,891 to 24,810 yuan. The newly-launched room 1A, 20th floor, room D, with a usable area of ​​399 square feet, has a price list of 8,096,100 yuan. It was earlier than the launch of the same room, the first floor of the 21st floor, room D, the price is about 2.3% higher. The project also added 18 people to launch this Saturday.

Shang Hao developer representative Yang Jiajun (second from right) said that the project will be on sale this Saturday for a total of 76 people.

In the first phase of the Yuen Long Grand YOHO of the same department, a case of termination of sales was recorded. The unit was 9 rooms on 43rd Floor, Room G, with an area of ​​543 sq ft. It was originally sold in September 1996 for RMB 9,946,600.

Shang Hao open price is high, see 37,000

In the new urban area, the Central Plains is responsible for the sales of Mong Kok, and the slight increase in price yesterday and the push of the price list No. 2, pushing the remaining 46 groups, the average price of the standard households is about 25,951 yuan, the discounted price and the price. Starting from 3.857 million and 24,409 yuan respectively. As for the price and the price, the most expensive is the 3rd floor A room with platform features, the practical area is 181 square meters, the platform area is 498 square meters, with an open interval, the discounted price is 6.814 million yuan, and the price is 37,646 yuan. A similar high in Kowloon. The plate will be on sale this Saturday for all 76 people.