Jiandong Capital Square shop turned hand eclipse 5.73 million

The shop at Capital Plaza in Tsim Sha Tsui was re-evaluated. The project was completed with a double storey on the 2nd floor. The saleable area was approximately 98 sq. ft., and it was sold at the auction site for $1.25 million. The original owner purchased the shop for RMB 6.984 million in 2013, and turned out 5.734 million yuan, a devaluation of 82%.

Search records, Capital Square shops second hand trading, almost all eclipse. Including the first-floor shops, the original owners entered the market with 4.22 million yuan, and this year it was priced at 800,000 yuan and depreciated by 81%.

Secondly, the high-level unit of Vida Commercial Building in Mongkok has a saleable area of 167 square feet, an offer price of 2 million yuan, and was finally sold at 2.38 million yuan, which is 380,000 yuan more than the initial price, and 19% higher.