Developer Bulk Cargo Silver Haifeng Reclamation House

The first-hand vacant tax introduced by the government has the opportunity to be launched in the coming days. Several developers continue to actively launch the current-floor projects, among which Huayin Sai Kung Yin Haifeng sold one more bungalow yesterday, setting a new record high of over RMB140 million. , While the same line Castle Peak Road, Lunlun, part of the unit within two and a half years cumulative increase of about 33%. Another letter (0083) will name the Kwun Tong Yu Man Square Redevelopment Project today. The project will provide 1999 partnerships. It is expected to be completed in March 2021. The pre-completed period is about 33 months.

140 million turnover hit a new high project

According to the data, the Yinhaifeng bungalows that were sold yesterday were D-houses with practical 2561 square meters. The transaction price was 1.4818.8 billion yuan, which was actually 55,403 yuan. The bungalows were connected with 5202 Fangyi Garden and 1005 square roofs. Wu Chongwu, director of sales at Huaying, said that this month, Yinhaifeng sold two separate houses for about 272 million yuan. There are only two bungalows, and the usable area is 2343 and 2561 square meters.

The letter hometown of Kwun Tong is announced today named

In addition, Tai Kok Tsui, which was privately invested by Shide Global Chairman Yang Haicheng and related individuals, yesterday pushed an additional 46 members, of which 42 standard households had an average real value of 25,951 yuan, which is more compact than the first price list.呎25,514 was slightly over 1%, and the entire 76 group will be sold on Saturdays.

Shang Hao Saturday cold rolled all 76 groups

As far as the price list is concerned, the project is practical 177 Fangfang’s 17th floor, Room B, with a discounted price of 4.553 million yuan (25,725 yuan), which is more than the first price list and the same level of practical 169 square room D. The price was 4.437 million yuan (26,255 yuan), and the price was about 2.6% higher. The price of individual items of the project was more than 37,000 yuan. According to Yang Jiajun, the head of Shide Global Group, the discounted price for the current batch of units increased by 3.86 million, and the average discounted price was RMB 25,900.

SHKP (0016) In addition to the previously launched 4 gang sales, Xindi Acting General Manager Hu Zhiyuan said that the project plans to open the demonstration unit next week. The first price list is expected to be announced in early July and officially released in July.

In addition, it is believed that it will provide Yahoo Park in Saigon and Yihe Haihui, and it will provide a rebate of RMB 88,800 to RMB 238,000 for the two new purchases on Saturdays.