Lee & Man Paper Family buys Kowloon Tong Mansion for 100 million yuan

The Kowloon Tong area was highly sought after by a celebrity family. Among them, Li Wen Paper (2314) members of the Li family entered the city of Kowloon Tong successively, following Li Wenen, the son of Li Wenqiang, founder of Liwen Paper, and after purchasing the Oxford Road Estate in May for 560 million yuan, the daughter Li Wenli also bought an underground unit on Hengdao for $105 million this month.

63 years old price still reached 47,000

The above-mentioned underground unit on the 16th of Hengdao Road, although it is 63 years old, was sold at RMB 105 million in the middle of this month, with a unit price of RMB 22,511 yuan. The Land Registry showed that the registered buyer For LEE Woon-li (LEE ROSANNA MANLAI), Li Yunqiang, founder of Liwen Paper, has the same Chinese and English name as one of the daughters. The same person is expected.

In fact, Lee & Lee’s family has always been in the Kowloon Tong area. For example, Li Yunen’s son, Li Wenen, bought the No. 9 estate in Oxford Road for $560 million in April this year. The property covers an area of ​​10,671 square feet and can be built. 19,208 square miles, the floor price of each side is 29,155 yuan. Another company chairman, Li Wenjun, and his wife, Huang Minyi, also purchased Room A and B high-rises in Hefeng Tian High Peak for RMB 120 million as early as 2018.

21 million baht in Tai Po Hong Paradise

Wu Qiye, another senior branch manager of Central Plains, said that the number of houses sold on 18th Street in Kangpo Land, Tai Po, was 1,180 sq. ft. of attached gardens. It was recently sold at RMB 21 million, and it was 17,797 yuan. It was reported that the original owners had reached 17.2 million in 2014. Yuan purchased the unit, holding the goods for about 4 years, the transfer of the book profit of about 3.8 million yuan to leave the market, the unit appreciated 22%.