Fenglian first rent rental 1 room rent 35 yuan

The summer vacation rental season is approaching, and Tuen Mun Sanpeng Fenglian, which focuses on mini-family and Nanfeng Development, is expected to enter the third quarter of this year and record the first case of pre-rental. Zeng Xiangcong, the sales manager of Midland Tuen Mun Branch, said that the above-mentioned Fenglian 1 low-rise C-room is practically 343 square feet, which is a one-bedroom interval. It looks southwards and looks into the pool view. The owners let the rent for a week and they get a couple of zero bargaining prices. It rents for a monthly rent of RMB 12,000 and a utility lease of RMB 35. It is reported that the owner purchased the above site in August 2016 for about 3.248 million yuan, and the current rental return is about 4.4%.

Another one is to rent 50 yuan for a new high

In addition, near the MTR Kowloon Tong Station, another residential property, newly recorded rent and rent-in high-rise case, Yu Shechao, co-director of the Central Plains Luxury Senior District Division, said that there are 19 other middle-floor C rooms, practical 603 square meters (building 750 square)呎), a three-room suite interval was adopted, which was newly leased at RMB 29, 000, and practically available at a rent of RMB 48 (39 RMB for buildings).

It is learnt that the new tenant is a foreign student and will soon be admitted to a nearby university to take the lead in locating a residential property in the district. The owner bought the unit in January 2013 for $7.95 million and has been using it for investment purposes, with an existing rent return of 4.4%.

3 rooms in Anning Garden received a rent of 19,000 yuan from the Mainland

Another Q-room network business manager, Deng Jinci, said that the middle floor of Room B, Block 5, On Ning Garden, Tseung Kwan O, is a practical 538 sq. ft. (Building 638 Villa). It is a three-room seperate. It is rented by a mainland university student for $19,000 and a practical tenancy of $35.呎 leased about 30 yuan); the owner purchased the above units in November 2008 for 800,000 yuan (replaced land price), and the current rental return is as high as 28.5%.