Capital Plaza shop devaluation by 82% for five years

Another major devaluation case occurred in shopping malls. A double mini silver shop on the second floor of Capital Plaza, Tsim Sha Tsui, was sold at a price of RMB 1.25 million. The practical price was RMB 12,755. The original owner bought the shop for RMB 6.984 million in one year and the transaction price was about 82. %.

The double-small mini silver shop on the 2nd floor of the Capital Plaza was sold at a price of 1.25 million yuan.

According to the information of the Central Asia auction, the above-mentioned property has a usable area of ​​about 98 square meters, of which about 52 are storage spaces. According to the information, the shop had a price of 2.5 million yuan in the first six years. The price was reduced to 1.5 million yuan last year.

In fact, the mall has repeatedly recorded large-scale eclipse cases, including a double-storey shop on the 1st floor. The saleable area is about 80 square meters. It was sold out at 700,000 yuan in May last year, compared with the purchase price of 8.272 million yuan in the first three years. About 92% is expected to be the most violent case.

Weida Commercial Bank sells 2.38 million

In addition, the same auction also sold the main office of the office building in Mong Kok Wai Da Commercial Building. The unit has a usable area of ​​about 167 square meters and was sold for 2.38 million yuan. The practical price is about 14,251 yuan. However, the launch of the main room silver in the lower floor of Room A of Dong’an Building in Tsuen Wan, with a asking price of 6.38 million yuan, was recovered after receiving four prices to 6.68 million yuan.

Zeng Jiejun, managing director and auctioneer of the bank, said that there were less than 20 new silver mains in the near future, which is about 20% less than the same period of last year. At present, there are less than 100 such units in the market.