China set the company’s nearly 300 million yuan was tumbled

There is a large number of cases. Liu Luanxiong (Liu) Former Chairman of the Chinese Real Estate (00127) Midwest Hill Pei, last week to nearly 300 million yuan sold with rooftop characteristics of the unit, there is no progress in the transaction, the first case of the same case, the buyer lost A deposit of nearly $ 14.73 million, one of the larger cases after the implementation of the new regulation.

China before the former chairman Liu Luanxiong, Hua Ding Dong Chen Kay Yun (Gambi)

Loss of 14.73 million purchase of material loss

According to the first-hand residential sales information network, led by the development and sales of the cap on the 18th of this month through the tender to 294.5 million yuan with two parking spaces sold on the 12th floor, 15th floor B room with a rooftop unit, The transaction did not progress after signing the temporary sale and purchase agreement.

According to the terms of payment, the transaction deposit is 5% of the turnover, the buyer was equal to the property price of 4.25% stamp duty cash rebate discount, material loss deposit of nearly 14.73 million yuan. The above-mentioned units have a usable area of ​​4,710 square feet and a platform area of ​​3,524 square feet. For the original transaction, the actual price is about 62,527 yuan. The unit will also be re-tender for sale.

In fact, China in recent years, negative news, the company has sold a number of major assets, so that during the rental income and profits dropped. For the interim results released in August, for example, the net profit in the first half of the year was $ 2,563 million, down by 12.6% year-on-year. Excluding the main non-cash proceeds, the core profit was only RMB2.621 billion, Down 78.9%.

During the announcement, China reported a 12.6% decrease in net profit for the first half of the year, mainly due to the decrease in net allowable income and the decrease in profit attributable to property sales. China expects that revenue and earnings for the year ended 31 July will be less than six years.

Frequency to sell the company rental income

Results announcement also disclosed that the first half of the income of only 672 million yuan, a significant decline over the same period last year 65.4%. Among them, the total rental income of 239.9 million yuan, 4.821 billion yuan last year; property sales of 4.259 billion yuan, 1.48 billion yuan last year, especially in the first half of this year recorded sales of the property investment is also less than the same period last year.

China has said that since the company sold a number of major assets since the past five years, the property leases and proceeds from the beginning of the period are gradually decreasing. Securities sector also refers to China in recent years, the sale of property assets, the impact of the company’s rental income, future business growth momentum doubt.