Top 10 Road, Jardine Road, luxury goods tender next month

West Mid-Levels new luxury project is about to launch. By the local small developers to develop the top of the Road No. 18 luxury Road, yesterday officially named yoo18BONHAM, expected the next month in the form of tender to sell.

Jones Lang LaSalle Zeng Huanping (right) is expected, yoo18BONHAM announced next month.

A total of 12 teams up to 3700 square feet

Jones Lang LaSalle Director Zeng Huanping said that the bank was entrusted to the owners of the market for the market consultants, the property is a permanent project, providing 12 units, including three standard households, eight complex households and a group of complex with rooftops The actual area of ​​the three types of units is about 1,200 square feet, about 2,500 square feet and about 3,700 square feet, the material next month announced the book, and in the form of tender sales, pricing will refer to the same type of characteristics of the Mid-level households. The project also has 12 parking spaces.

He also pointed out that the project has been the current building, can be at any time occupation, short-term open two present model units, each square foot management fee is still calculated.

For the trend of luxury properties in Hong Kong, he believes that although there are luxury residential properties in recent months, but the reduction is less, not enough to affect the market conditions. Combined with the supply of housing in the next five years up to 10 million, but the practical area of ​​1,722 square feet or more luxury units, but only about 2,000, Hong Kong Island, only 600, reflecting the future supply of Hong Kong Island luxury The He also pointed out that the reference to the impact of the US table on the market is too early, and the rate hike has been digested by the market early.

Yoo Studio creative director Mark Davison said the group is responsible for yoo18BONHAM design work. Data show that the unit of each unit are adopted double elevator design, and enjoy the private elevator lobby, a higher degree of privacy.