Wellington Street Old House with 36 Diao

Developers are actively looking for old buildings in redevelopment in the urban area. There are about 36 transactions registered in the vicinity of No. 160, Wellington Street, Sheung Wan, involving about $ 350 million. The market is not excluded from the acquisition.

Sheung Wan Wellington Street, No. 160, Mr Tsang Ka Wah Tower, was trading for about $ 350 million.

In addition to the registration of a total of 5 units, the transaction price of $ 64.13 million, the remaining cases traded at more than 6.17 million to about 12.16 million yuan.

The property was completed in 70 years and is aged for about forty-seven years. It is now a multi-storey property with up to 8 flats on each floor, with a gross floor area of ​​about 300 to 400 square feet The

Hong An pond reconstruction price of 980 million

Which has a middle-level building, a four-year purchase price of nearly 400 million, the current transaction price of more than 8 million yuan, three times the appreciation of about twice.

In addition to the acquisition of old buildings, developers also speed up the project land premium. Hong Kong Real Estate (01243) and Xuhui Holding Group (00884) have completed a consensus with the Lands Department on the amount of land premium, with a land premium of about $ 983 million.

The maximum height of the project is about 272,000 square feet, with an average premium of about $ 3,600 per square foot. The project is expected to build two high-rise residential and two-storey shopping malls on the base to provide 326, the practical area of ​​about 470 to 1,800 square feet, a total investment of about 30 billion yuan, expected to sell the second half of next year.