Tseung Kwan O Sunrise Cannes Jinhai, the news that over the past week accumulated more than 11,000 votes, exceeding 26 times; the new and to the actual real size of 15,000 yuan plus push 139 Gang, individual high-level sea households to raise prices of about 4%, so that Jinhai has opened the unit to 452, accounting for the total number of units of more than 1040 units of more than four percent, real estate has been finalized Saturday for the first round of sales, the launch of which 403.

Part plus plus 4%

Xindi Deputy Managing Director Thunder, said Jinhai new push of 139 individuals are mostly high-level sea view households, the basic price of the original push, including five groups of the first launch of the 1A high-level practical area of ​​842 square feet “Jinhai Extreme", deduct the highest 18% discount, the 5 fold discount price of 12.44 million to 12.82 million yuan. It is important to note that there are about 4% of the price increase in the price of 4% of the price of the new push units, such as the newly pushed 1A Block 28, the usable area of ​​842 square feet A room “Jinhai Extreme", discounted 15,228 yuan; Compared with the same seat, the same layer, the landscape similar to the B room real estate 14,676 yuan, nearly 4%.

In the first round of sales in Jinhai, there are 85 members in the group of A to subscribe for 2 to 3 groups of the big hand to take the lead, but A group and then subdivided three groups: S group buyers the highest priority, of which 2 should be 600 square feet Or more units; followed by A1 group, the buyer of which 1 group must be 700 square feet or more; then for the A2 group, the buyer of which a group of 600 square feet or more units. In addition, Group B is a general buyer.

Cheung Kong MY CENTRAL approved the sale

Other new areas, Cheung Kong (1113) and the Urban Construction Bureau in the Central Jiajia Street MY CENTRAL, the news that has been approved by the pre-sale, Cheung Kong will explain to the media today, the latest deployment is expected to open in October the fastest. MY CENTRAL, the total number of units of 185, 2 households accounted for 61, 3 housing units accounted for 124, the unit area of ​​674 to 1132 square feet. Another real estate investment director Guo Ziwei said, Tsuen Wan West love Hyun part of the high-level units, to be short-term increase of more than 10%; together with a sea of ​​love, the remaining two projects less than 300 units can be sold.

yoo18 Bonham fastest push next month

In addition, the new Hong Kong Island Road, Hong Kong developer QueenCheers Development Ltd and Winston Development Ltd, named yoo18 Bonham; the estate is 12 projects with a usable area of ​​1200 to 3700 square feet (featuring Household, floor book and demonstration units to be launched next month.

However, the market is now single-handed luxury units tarted. (0127) West Mid-Levels, the end of 2015 after the sale of the first set of tarts, this month to 294 million yuan sold 12 and 15 floor duplex B room (with double parking spaces), the buyer recently canceled Transaction, the material was confiscated 5% involving more than 14.72 million yuan; the 璈 Po special household area of ​​4710 square feet with 3524 square feet platform, the original 12 and 15 floor, A room duplex house to 360 million yuan sold, The high price of the transaction.