Pushing the land, reducing the land, and supporting the land price

Pushing the land, reducing the land, and supporting the land price

Land supply for the next year will be reduced. However, with the intensification of competition from developers, it may help to stabilize land prices. The Peak, Southern District and Kai Tak will all be launched. It is expected to be sold in the next financial year. The revenue will still be ideal.

The income from land sales in the past three years is expected to reach 100 billion

In the past three financial years, the property prices have also risen, and the land price has also increased. Together with the government’s launch of large-scale land such as Kai Tak, Lei Chau Road in Lei Chau, and Murray Road in Central, the land price has reached more than 100 billion yuan for three consecutive years. It has become one of the reasons why the Hong Kong Government has recorded a large fiscal surplus.

However, the Government has shifted the supply of housing land to public housing. The proportion of public and private housing has changed from “May 4th" to “Seventy-three". At the same time, nine private buildings in Kai Tak and Anderson Road, Kwun Tong have been reclaimed. Conversion to public housing, home ownership, etc. will inevitably affect the income from land sales.

However, due to the government’s reduction in land sales and the reduction in the supply of “flour", developers have to maintain sufficient land reserves. When they invest in land, especially when bidding on seascapes and luxury homes, they also have a chance to make more aggressive bids. To support.

For example, the first full-dimensional port seascape in Kai Tak, the developer’s bid for the bid was quite close, and was eventually won by Xindi (00016) at a high price of RMB 17,400 per square foot.

Wenhui Road Landmark or next year’s re-push

As for the next financial year, it is expected that the land for private buildings in the land sales table will be reduced. However, due to the launch of the peak of the Wenhui Road in the mountain this year, it is expected to be re-introduced in the next year. In disguise, the tens of billions of land sales will be extended to the next year. Enter the account.

At the same time, it is believed that there are still a lot of “squatters" available for sale, including five sea-view residential sites in the Kai Tak Runway area, and the newly remodeled Shouson Hill South Wind Road luxury homes, which are expected to bring more revenue to the Treasury. .

Therefore, it is expected that the land price income will continue to be stable at a high level in the next financial year. The Government should allocate more land sales revenue and fiscal surplus for land development, such as the Northeast New Territories, Hung Shui Kiu, and even the long-term reclamation plan.