The Liaison Office of the China Union Office sweeps 20 people to tax 74 million

The Liaison Office of the China Union Office sweeps 20 people to tax 74 million

The developer’s mad valley new sales of goods, the development of the real estate (00012) led by Yuen Long Shang Yue. Ling has had the most 22 teams in the past two days, followed by the second phase of Kwun Tong Kaihui, which was developed by Shinji (00083). In the second phase of Kaihui, 58 transactions were recorded in the past month, attracting nearly 810 million yuan. In the latter part of last month, buyers of 20 groups in the form of “one-on-one" were officially exposed. The Liaison Office of the Sweeping Goods is expected to levy more than 74 million yuan in the market.

New weekend sells 78 people 90.2%

In the past weekend, there were about 78 first-hand transactions, an increase of about 90.2% from about 41 in the previous weekend, which was the highest in four weekends. Among them, Kaihui second accounted for 18 people and cashed in more than 260 million yuan. 58 people, nearly 810 million yuan of money, of which 247.753 billion yuan came from the 3rd and 5th of 20 people who were “one-on-one" on the 25th of last month. The identity of the buyers was exposed yesterday. the company.

According to the Land Registry, the 20 registered buyers of Kaihui Phase II are Xinmin Real Estate Co., Ltd., which is a subsidiary of the China United Office. According to the Stamp Duty Ordinance, the Central People’s Government, the Government, and the public officials’ corporation Anyone acting as a public official is exempt from stamp duty. Therefore, in the name of the company, the Liaison Office will be exempted from the 30% stamp duty, which is expected to exceed $74 million.

In fact, the Liaison Office has a record of sweeping into Hong Kong properties in the past. For example, in December 2016, through the above-mentioned companies, it took about $122 million to purchase 14 rooms in Blocks D and E on the 48th to 57th floors of Block 2, West Loop. It refers to the nearly 300 properties of the Liaison Office that have been swept in Hong Kong since 1997. The total amount of assets involved is more than 3.1 billion yuan, mainly residential properties.

AVA 228 part of the unit price increase of 0.6%

The senior investor Investor of the Luhua family, Sham Shui Po AVA 228, has pushed the third price list of 30 people in the past Saturday (23rd), and the average price of the discount is 19,881 yuan, slightly lower than the price of the second price list. The average discount price of the partner is 2,018 yuan, but the price of some units has been raised. For example, the room A on the 19th floor of the new price list has a saleable area of ​​203 square meters. The discounted price is 3,993,400 yuan, which is lower than the price list of the second. In the same area, the 21st floor A room has a discounted price of 3.96 million yuan, which is about 0.6% higher. The developers have simultaneously implemented 30 groups to make the second round sale on Wednesday (27th).