The surveyor will dismantle the land price of the artificial island on the island of Toma tomorrow

The surveyor will dismantle the land price of the artificial island on the island of Toma tomorrow

The Development Bureau last week quoted the Institute of Surveyors as a forecast of land price gains for the artificial island of Jiaozhou. The Chairman of the Society’s Industrial Measurement Group, Mr. Zhao Jinquan, dismantled the land price with reference to the residential and commercial land price in Kai Tak District. The “discount” reflects the low initial land price and describes the calculation as “more conservative”.

The Development Bureau has previously announced the cost budget for “Lantau tomorrow". The Secretary for Development, Mr Wong Wai-lun, at the press conference, rarely quoted the Surveyors Society’s estimate of the land price gains on the artificial island of Jiao Chi Chau as 974 billion to 1.1 trillion yuan. In order to prove that the plan will not “empty the warehouse".

Zhao Jinquan: 807呎 calculation for each group of private buildings

The land price gain estimate comes from a report submitted by the Institute of Surveyors to the government. Zhao Jinquan explained that the Institute has rarely evaluated individual projects in the past. The current high-profile estimate is that the discussion is often focused on cost, but No one mentioned the value of the land after reclamation, so it was proposed by the Society.

Zhao Jinquan explained that according to the preliminary planning of the government, the artificial island of Jiaozhouzhou is divided into two parts, the first is the commercial floor of 43.06 million square feet (4 million square meters), the second part is the 260,000 residential units, of which 70% are public Housing, this part of the society has not been calculated, but the remaining 30% of private housing is calculated on the basis of an average area of ​​75 square meters (about 807 square feet) and multiplied by the current land price level.

70% of the island’s public housing

“The government has always emphasized that this is a new core business district (CBD), which is very close to the CBD in Central. So we are also a good Prime (prestige) location when we assume that it is not necessarily comparable to the Central, so we use The second CBD, Kai Tak in Kowloon East, is estimated as the basis of land price," explained Zhao Jinquan.

According to the Society’s observation, in the middle of last year, the residential land price in Kaide District has reached 15,000 to 16,000 yuan. Zhao Jinquan said that the society has assumed that the average floor price per square foot is 10,000 to 12,000 yuan. The residents who have always entered are “opening up cattle". Therefore, considering the land price of land sales or the price of the completed property, it should be conservative. It has already been a big “folding".

Similarly, Kai Tak’s current commercial land price is between 12,000 and 13,000 yuan. However, since the government has not clearly stated how many offices, shops or hotels, the Institute has also adopted a more conservative estimate of 8,000 to 9000 yuan.

As for the future of the artificial island, the land price of the private building has already exceeded 10,000 yuan. It is afraid that the sale of the building will reach 20,000 yuan, which is difficult for the public to afford. Zhao Jinquan also acknowledged that the private buildings in Jiaozhou are not necessarily suitable for young car owners. Because they are always in the core business district, private units are mainly supplied to professionals or middle-class families. However, there are still 70% of the units on the island for public housing. There will also be some first placements suitable for members of the public.

In addition, the Financial Secretary, Mr. Chen Maobo, said at the luncheon yesterday that it would take a two-pronged approach to solve the problem of land supply. I hope that the community will understand that if there is a large land and complete planning, the time is easier to control and that reclamation is a good choice. And said that the authorities have made up their minds to take money to conduct research.