19-year-old buying investment, Nicholas Tse, self-destructed by the Consumer Council

19-year-old buying investment, Nicholas Tse, self-destructed by the Consumer Council

A few days ago, the wireless financial platform program “"Money" into the new generation" found Nicholas Tse to talk about business and investment. In the program, he refers to the “Feng Ting" diet brand, hoping to build a Hong Kong brand, but also mentioned that he started making money from the age of 16 in order to help make up the family.

When Feng Feng said that he was 19 years old, he had already invested the money he earned to invest in the building. “All the filmings make a lot of money and invest in real estate, because I know other things, I think the bricks will go." Later he opened the post-production company to invest in real estate profits.

In the program, Yan Feng mentioned that he was questioned by the cooking, so he spent a lot of time to get different people’s approval, so he participated in many international competitions. He says︰

“In the process, I found that the Chinese food department is in a difficult position. I am going to promote Chinese food, and many traditions will disappear."

Referring to the carcinogens that had been referred to by the Consumer Council earlier, he said that because he was an artist, he was treated unfairly. “The most miserable thing is that I became a title, and some people are jealous." He explained Say: “Although the “Fruit Cookie" is included in the list, the report details in detail how many foods are first problematic, and my generous cookies and test products are low in carcinogenicity. When I was working in front of the scene, the media would use my brand as the title, so it was fair." He also criticized the food safety mechanism for being vague, and then there were many misunderstandings, hoping to have a unified standard in the future.