Li Jiasan’s father and son rarely gather in Cishan Temple

Central Online: Li Jiasan’s father and son rarely gather in Cishan Temple

Last week, the four chiefs and the department’s performance meeting, the public saw the “Superman" Li Ka-shing commented on the stock house, threatened the political and social issues, the hard-lined habits, but everyone looked at the neck is long, because honest brother is fast When I met with you, I attended the opening ceremony of the “Buddhist Art Museum" at the Cishan Temple in Tai Po on Wednesday.

On the list of attendees, in addition to the owner’s home, Cheng Ge, he also invited Wang Zhimin, the director of the China United Liaison Office, and Lin Zhengyue, the chief executive. However, Huahua heard that Cheng Ge’s two “Xiaochao" Li Zeju (Victor) and the “Little Xiaochao" Li Zezhen (Richard) will attend the old beans, and check the return. The three formulas of the father and the son are very rare. On the other hand, it may be necessary to count back to the age of Richard Sakae and Hutchison Whampoa. It can be seen that the Honest Brothers attaches great importance to this ceremony.

In fact, I have been to the Cishan Temple. It is possible to go through the museum of Buddhism and Art in the building. The channel is actually below the giant Guanyin image. Cheng Ge hopes to promote Buddhism, promote value and integrate into the community through the museum. Introduction, Cishan Temple is donated by Cheng Ge, and most people can go to the school to participate in the school, and collect fees, but you must register in advance, otherwise you will definitely touch the door.