General manufacturing will be fully liberalized

General manufacturing will be fully liberalized

The Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Miao Wei, attended the 2019 Annual Meeting of the China Development Forum, which was held on the theme of “Keeping Open, Promoting Cooperation and Win-Win”. He pointed out that open cooperation is one of the important means to promote the high-quality development of the economy, and promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry by creating a high-level open economy. Despite the current rise in international protectionism and unilateralism, globalization is a big trend and an irreversible trend. He said that China will fully liberalize the general manufacturing industry and comprehensively promote the pre-entry national treatment plus negative list system.

Adhere to the road of open cooperation and win-win

Miao Wei said that China’s manufacturing industry is open and prosperous. In the future, we must adhere to the road of openness, cooperation and mutual benefit in promoting high-quality manufacturing. “We will comprehensively liberalize the general manufacturing industry on the basis of the implementation of the existing open policies in accordance with President Xi Jinping’s request for opening up and opening up, and comprehensively promote the system of pre-entry national treatment plus negative list, which is equal for all types of enterprises. Participating in market competition creates a good environment and attracts more companies to invest and conduct business in China.”

Taking the automobile industry as an example, in 2018, China formulated a timetable for expanding and opening up the automobile industry, further reducing tariffs on vehicle imports, and expanding the intensity of opening up is unprecedented. In January of this year, Tesla’s Shanghai factory invested in China officially started, becoming the first direct beneficiaries of China’s further expansion of automobile opening.

Miao Wei said that in recent years, China’s economy has shifted from a high-speed growth stage to a stage of high-quality development. The internal and external environment of manufacturing development is more complicated, which has put forward new and higher requirements for the development of manufacturing.

He believes that to make the real economy a reality, stronger, and better, specifically to the manufacturing industry, mainly from four aspects: first, enhance the technological innovation capability of manufacturing; second, accelerate the structural optimization and upgrading of manufacturing; Third, promote the integration and development of advanced manufacturing and modern service industries. Fourth, create a favorable environment conducive to the high-quality development of manufacturing.

Playing the role of the market, the government is not offside

Miao Wei said that China will achieve high-quality development of the manufacturing industry by playing a decisive role in the market mechanism. The relationship between the government and the market will be handled well, and the government will “complement” rather than “offside.” It will adhere to the principle of corporate main body and competitive neutrality, and promote industrial policy from differentiation, selectivity to generalization and functional transformation.